Welcome and Introduction to the Giving and Receiving Healing Online Course!

HELLO AND WELCOME. We at Complex Trauma Resources are so happy that you are here! This online course is designed to give you tools and ideas to help your children heal and grow.

This course covers the following 7 modules:

  1. What Are our Children Carrying?
  2. The Body and Stress
  3. Emotions and Stress
  4. Attachment and Relationships
  5. Identity and Belonging
  6. Reframing Difficult Behaviours
  7. Caregiver Wellness

Organization of the modules:

  1. A facilitator guide - to be used if you are facilitating this course within a group
  2. Videos, powerpoints and resources with the module lesson - this is where the main teachings happen
  3. Conversation Starters - to be used for additional reflection and discussion

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