Whether you are working in a staffed residential home or in another caregiving capacity, become equipped through our Trauma Focused Staffed Caregiving course with knowledge and tools that will transform your agency, home and practice.

Using cutting edge research and application principals on complex trauma theory you'll learn:

  • A comprehensive understanding of complex trauma;  
  • How to view behaviour through 7 Developmental Domains;
  • Why so many children struggle with self-regulation and how to improve it;
  • How to decrease hyper-arousal though practical sensory and calming activities;   
  • Strategies to coach kids through common daily triggers and stressors;
  • Useful every day ways to deepen attachment and strategies to listen with empathy;
  • How to use signature strengths to increase children's sense of identity and positive behavioural approaches.

Our Trauma-Focused Staffed Caregiving course is ideal for training new staff and ongoing professional development for existing staff and caregivers. It is highly recommended by multiple residential home agencies in British Columbia.

Please note: While this course is designed to be facilitated in a group, individuals are able to complete the course independently. To ensure maximum benefit we highly recommend spending time reflecting on the discussion questions. Completion certificates available for all students.

Meet Your Instructor: Dr. Chuck Geddes

I am Dr. Chuck Geddes and I have worked extensively in the fields of Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare over the past 20 years serving in various clinical roles including supervision of staff and interns. I completed my PhD at Colorado State University in 1991 and became interested in the role of complex trauma in children’s neurological development. As a result, I founded Complex Trauma Resources and developed the Complex Care and Intervention (CCI) program as a way to embed a trauma-focused therapeutic perspective into the care of children in the foster system. Today, our team provides education and training to social workers, foster parents, and mental health clinicians across the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Meet Your Instructor: Dr. Kirk Austin

Dr. Kirk Austin is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and is actively involved in the development of CTR training materials, and trains therapists throughout British Columbia in the effective use of the CCI model. He is a registered member of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and The Canadian Center for Applied Research in Cancer Control. He received his doctoral degree in the field of psychology at the University of South Africa and has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate level psychology courses at Lower Mainland universities in British Columbia as well as providing clinical supervision to MA level counselling students, and publishing several peer-reviewed research articles. 

Meet your instructor: Dr. Chipo McNichols

Dr. Chipo McNichols joined the CTR team after many years as an Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health clinician. Chipo obtained her PsyD. at Antioch University in Seattle where her focus was on making cultural adaptations to the complex care and intervention program to make it more effective for use within Aboriginal communities. Chipo brings a wealth of experience in Aboriginal communities and a deep respect for the challenges of healing and growth. Chipo serves CTR as a CCI coach and mentor for other coaches. Chipo says that she loves cooking, reading, and boxing! She is originally from Zambia. She and her husband have 3 children.

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