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How To Calm Your Child's

Stress Response and Emotions

Trauma-informed strategies to help your struggling child. Practical skills and tools you'll learn:

  • Trauma-informed strategies to help kids heal
  • How trauma changes the developmental trajectory of a child
  • Why regular parenting strategies don’t work on kids with trauma
  • Why your child retreats or explodes and how to calm their stress response system
  • How to minimize power-struggles
  • Cutting-edge perspectives on medication and trauma
  • How to help your child become emotionally regulated
  • Practical strategies on the 5-steps of how to emotionally connect with your child. 
  • Real parenting questions answered during a live Q&A with Dr. Chuck 

Why Children are Addicted to Gaming and Social Media

Join Dr. Chuck Geddes, Ph.D., and Renae Regehr, MA RCC, as they discuss why all children can become hooked, but especially why children with trauma are more vulnerable. As well as the following practical strategies and tools to support and guide them:

  • Current research on how social media impacts mental health
  • Why gaming and social media hook our kids and signs of addiction
  • How gaming and social media impacts the developing brain
  • How gaming and social media impacts a traumatized child's brain, sense of self, capacity for learning, attention, and emotional regulation
  • 7 practical strategies parents can utilize to guide gaming use
  • 13 strategies to guide social media use
  • Real questions answered during a live Q&A with Dr. Chuck and Renae

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