What to Expect in the Course

Join Dr. Chuck Geddes, Ph.D., and Renae Regehr, MA RCC, as they discuss why all children can become hooked, but especially why children with trauma are more vulnerable. As well as practical strategies to support and guide them.


2 Course Hours (work at your own pace)


Practical skills and tools you'll learn:
  • Current research on how social media impacts mental health
  • Why gaming and social media hook our kids and signs of addiction
  • How gaming and social media impacts the developing brain
  • How gaming and social media impacts a traumatized child's brain, sense of self, capacity for learning, attention, and emotional regulation
  • 7 practical strategies parents can utilize to guide gaming use
  • 13 strategies to guide social media use
  • Real questions answered during a live Q&A with Dr. Chuck and Renae

Meet Your Course Instructor

Dr. Chuck Geddes, Ph.D., R. Psych

CTR Clinical Director / Author


Dr. Chuck Geddes has worked extensively in the fields of Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare over the past 15 years. He developed the Complex Care and Intervention (CCI) program as a way to embed a trauma-focused therapeutic perspective into the care of children in the foster system.

Dr. Geddes provides education and training to social workers, foster parents, and mental health clinicians across the province of British Columbia.

“I get excited to see a team of caregivers around a child begin to understand trauma principles, apply them in a creative fashion, and rejoice as they see children and youth respond, grow, and heal.”

Renae Regehr, MA RCC

Clinical Counsellor


Renae is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and holds a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. She works with children, youth, and families who have been impacted by trauma and attachment disruptions. Renae also is the Founder of Free To Be Talks, a non-profit that promotes positive body image using a research-based curriculum that over 3,000 students have gone through across North America.

As a mother to four children of her own, biological and adoptive, Renae is passionate about child development and supporting parents and caregivers to ensure their children have a bright future.

“My interest in complex trauma stems from my personal life and helping my own child who experienced complex trauma. I experienced profound positive changes in my own family after I began parenting from a trauma-informed perspective. As every parent says, 'I wish I knew the information I know now, back then.'”

Course Syllabus

  Why Online Gaming & Social Media Hook Our Kids, And Strategies To Help Them - 2 Lectures
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