What to Expect in the Course

Join Dr. Chuck Geddes as he shares how to calm your child's stress and emotional response system.


2 Course Hours (work at your own pace)


Practical skills and tools you'll learn:
  • Trauma-informed strategies to help kids heal
  • How trauma changes the developmental trajectory of a child
  • Why regular parenting strategies don’t work on kids with trauma
  • Why your child retreats or explodes and how to calm their stress response system
  • How to minimize power-struggles
  • Cutting-edge perspectives on medication and trauma
  • How to help your child become emotionally regulated
  • Practical strategies on the 5-steps of how to emotionally connect with your child. 
  • Real parenting questions answered during a live Q&A with Dr. Chuck 
Dr. Chuck Geddes

Meet Your Course Instructor

Dr. Chuck Geddes, Ph.D., R. Psych

CTR Clinical Director / Author


Dr. Chuck Geddes has worked extensively in the fields of Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare over the past 15 years. He developed the Complex Care and Intervention (CCI) program as a way to embed a trauma-focused therapeutic perspective into the care of children in the foster system.

Dr. Geddes provides education and training to social workers, foster parents, and mental health clinicians across the province of British Columbia.

“I get excited to see a team of caregivers around a child begin to understand trauma principles, apply them in a creative fashion, and rejoice as they see children and youth respond, grow, and heal.”

Course Syllabus

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